Dolphin Power Boat

December 10, 2011 - Big £££, Toys

Be the envy of your dolphin loving friends, by owning your very own Dolphin Power Boat!

It is essentially a submarine that is in the shape of a shark. If I were in the market to by a water submersible vehicle, then having it in the shape of a fish could be a selling point.

You should watch the video below, especially to see the way that it can surface and dive like a real dolphin.

Reminiscent of Jaws, the exhaust system of the Seabreacher X is such that when the shark-shaped submarine jumps after the water, it has a throaty growl. I’m pretty sure that real sharks don’t do this roaring, but it I guess it does create a sense of drama. Heck, if I was on the beach and I saw the Seabreacher X skimming along the waters, I would completely Roy Scheider the whole swimming area. Just watch Jaws if you don’t get that reference.

The boat has a 260hp supercharged engine, which can fly across the surface of the water at 50 miles per hour and underwater at 25 miles an hour. I wouldn’t mind getting in this shark-mobile and having some fun.



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