December 11, 2011 - Big £££

If you’ve ever yearned to float around in your very own jetpack, I’d suspect owning a hoverboard would be pretty high on the holiday wish list as well. Now, for around $6,600, sci-fi fans can get a futuristic experience that combines the best of both worlds.

The Flyboard, invented by jetski racing champion Franky Zapata, is essentially a water-powered jetpack with bolted-in shoes that can be strapped to your feet, enabling users to skate around at a height of nine meters. Like the Jetlev jetpack, it’s powered through a hose attachment that connects to a jetski’s thruster. Propulsion is generated as the force of the water runs up through the hose and shoots out from the bottom of the board. Water is also diverted to a pair of arm thrusters that can be used to steer the device.

The minimal requirement to get the fun started is a jetski equipped with at least a 100 hp engine, which is sold separately (obviously). Learn more about how to get your own Flyboard at

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