Malloy Hoverbike

April 25, 2012 - Big £££

If Back to the Future 2 had us believe anything, it was that 2015 would see us all tearing around the place on hoverboards – apart from on water, McFly. This leaves mankind 3 short years to revolutionize the way we hang out with our friends.

In the meantime, perhaps it’s worth keeping an eye on the Malloy Hoverbike – an ‘in development’ attempt at the next stage of human transport evolution. Little more than two large propellers spinning very fast, the rider sits atop – somewhat reminiscent of a motorbike.

The hoverbike is in testing phases, the inventor still working up courage to sit on and take the spinning propellers more than 6ft off the ground. We think once he’s ready, his oversized testicles will no doubt affect take off weight.

At a glance

Hoverbike Applications




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