SOLO Personal Water Ski

November 23, 2012 - Big £££
SOLO Personal Water Ski

Designed to be suitable for everyone – from part-time paddler to pro – now whenever you feel like heading out early to have the lake all to yourself you can just go SOLO. Created by water skiers – for water skiers, this is the solo skiing experience that fans of extreme watersports have been dreaming of for years. Packing the power of 70 horses in its Jet Pump engine, and constructed from sturdy, lightweight materials you have the freedom to take to the water your way. The intuitive control system is built into the patented tow handle, giving you video-game-like control using just your thumbs. So you can be driver, spotter and back-flipping wake boarder all barrel-rolled into one. You can even beep the horn.

money doesn't buy you friendsThe perfect device for water-skiers and wakeboarders with no friends, but loads of money
looks a bit like a jetskiIt floats!

The SOLO is fully compliant with all EPA and safety regulations and features an automatic cut-out safety system, so if you take a tumble, you’ll never be far from your personal tow. Looking like an oversize remote control speed boat, theSOLO Personal Water Ski Machine is your high-velocity ticket to enjoy some one-on-one watersports.

 Please Note:

  • Regulations and laws may vary depending on location, so please check before launching the SOLO
  • Floatation and safety equipment is highly recommended

Product Features:

  • Compatible with everything from skiing and wakeboarding to inflatables and barefoot
  • Intuitive control system in tow handle
  • Built-in redundant safety system
  • Hi power engine means loads of pulling power
  • Attractive design and detailing
  • Fully compliant with EPA regulations

Technical Specifications:

  • Fiberglass composite & moulded plastic construction
  • 4-stroke / 750cc / 2 cylinder engine
  • 70hp JetPump propulsion
  • Automatic bilge: constant siphon
  • Fuel capacity is approximately 30 litres


  • Measures approximately 120cm(W) x 86cm(H) x 305cm(L)
  • Weighs approximately 215KGs



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