Brooklyn Brew Shop Hard Cider Kit

November 30, 2014 - Food & Drink
Brooklyn Brew Shop Hard Cider Kit

It’s impossible to find good quality cider these days. It’s all over-sweetened, carbonated rubbish with scarcely a trace of real apple in there. You need to make it yourself with the Brooklyn Brew Shop Hard Cider Kit.

Styled on traditional brewing methods, passed down for generations, it’s much more than your run of the mill set-and-forget system; offering a small-scale setup without dumbing down the methodology – you’ll be reaping the rewards in just 4 weeks.

All you need is some fresh apple juice; shop-bought is fine but perhaps it’s worth a trip to the ol’ farmer’s market for something really special. This way you’ll neatly avoid spending hours shaking apple trees, pulverising the fallen fruit and picking out thousands of earwigs; so you can actually focus on the highly rewarding brewing process.

The end result is 3 batches (roughly 8 pints per batch) of tart, dry and bubbly cider. We’ll leave it up to you whether you want to pop it in the fridge for some ice-cold refreshment, or chuck in some spices and mull it for a steaming seasonal brew.

Cider? Hard Cider? Wuh?

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