DIY Booze Kit

December 20, 2011 - Food & Drink

What could be better than your favourite fruit juice? A boozy version of your favourite fruit juice, that’s what. It’s easy with the forehead-slappingly, jaw-droppingly, leg quiveringly, eye-poppingly brilliant DIY Hooch Kit.

As you may have surmised we’re completely blown away by this product because it really does transform fruit juice into booze. And before you ask, no, we haven’t been drinking. Okay, we have but it’s true! Simply decant your favourite juice (we’re loving cranberry or grape) into a large bottle, pour in the magic powder, pop the rubber stopper and airlock in the lid and let the unfathomable wonder of yeasty science work its magic.

The minimum time for fermentation is 48 hours but the longer you leave it to work the more potent your drink will become *they said whilst grinning ear to ear brandishing a pitchfork*. The end product is refreshingly fizzy fruit juice with a maximum alcohol content of 14%. What’s not to love? Down the hatch!

Empty sachet into drink Sealing bottle with an airlock After 48hours you have an alcoholic juice!
Empty sachet into your chosen juice Seal bottle with airlock
(fill with water to fill line)
Wait 48 hours… hey presto an alcoholic juice!

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