Funky Veg Kit

February 20, 2015 - < £10, Educational, Food & Drink, Kids
Funky Veg Kit

Snaggletoothed greengrocer Greg Wallace would definitely approve of these amazing couloured vegetables from the funky veg kit

Imagine his ear to ear grin as he chomps down on a red sprout or purple carrot

Brighten up mealtimes with this exciting selection of 5 distinctive and unusual vegetables. A really novel gift. The kit contains the following varieties: 1 packet of Purple Carrot seeds, 1 packet of Yellow Courgettes seeds 1 packet of Stripy Tomatoes seeds 1 packet of Red Brussels Sprouts seeds 1 packet of Multi Coloured Brightlights Swiss Chard seeds Also included in the box are: 5 starter growing pots made from peat 5 peat blocks which expand when watered 5 plant markers and Sowing & Growing Tips



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