Treat Ball Auto Sweet Dispenser

December 10, 2012 - Food & Drink
Treat Ball Auto Sweet Dispenser

Having a party or watching a movie? Imagine all those grubby little hands dipping in and out of bowls of sweets or popcorn. There are more germs on those hands than on an Olympian’s towel – and that just the adults! Some people aren’t bothered as they’re too caught up in the moment. However there is solution for those germ-a-phobes out there who just can’t stand the idea of comprising on hygiene.

The large Treat Ball is a motion sensor dispenser ideal for families and parties. It will stylishly accommodate all your favourite treats including sweets, mints, nuts and even popcorn. Simply select one of three settings – small handful, large handful, bowlful – then wave your hand/bowl under the chute to get a perfectly sized treat every time.

The large Treat Ball is also much more hygienic than lots of hands (moistened through finger licking) dipping in and out of bowls. No more snotty noses meeting grubby hands, meeting the bowl of popcorn that’s been handed around.

In red and looking just like a gumball machine, the Auto Sweet dispenser holds up to a litre of goodies and refilling is easy – simply remove the lid and pour in. It can also control portion sizes, to a certain extent, stopping the greediest of munchers scoffing the lot!



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