Vodka Infusion Kit

November 30, 2014 - Food & Drink
Vodka Infusion Kit

Some people (Russians, predominantly) will have you believe that Vodka is odourless and tasteless. Whilst this definitely isn’t true, your average supermarket potato juice could definitely do with livening up! The Vodka Infusion Kit transforms this tame and transparent tipple into something infinitely more exciting.

This hefty boxed set contains everything you need to liberate yourself from lacklustre liquor, all you need to do is provide the vodka. There’s no need to splash out on an expensive bottle either – it’ll be unrecognisable by the time you’re finished with it!

Have a flick through the included recipes or pick one from the comprehensive free app; then mix your chosen ingredients in the large sealed mason jar and allow the rich flavours to permeate. Once it’s fully infused you can divide it up into the beautiful vintage glass bottles, ready to be gifted or stowed away for yourself!

When you discover how easy (and sublimely tasty) it is, you’ll wonder why you never tried it before.

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