Liquid Glass Thinking Putty

March 29, 2015 - Gadgets, Kids
Liquid Glass Thinking Putty

Here’s one for all you hardcore putty fanatics out there: Liquid Glass Thinking Putty. Crystal clear until you start getting stuck in. Then, once you get your knead, stretch, snap and tear on, the putty develops a cloudy appearance – returning to crystal clear clarity once you put it down. We’re impressed. You’re impressed. Everyone’s impressed.

Thinking Putty is here to be bounced, squished, snapped, stretched, melted and smashed. It’s here to relieve stress and enlarge hand muscles. It’s here to be enjoyed.

At this point, you’re likely wallowing in desperate bewilderment, wondering just what on earth is going on. It bounces, shatters, snaps, is odourless and grease free? Is this some kind of black magic? Did a wizard craft this from the faeces of 1000 unicorns? You’re almost there…

Thinking Putty is a dilatant compound, which means it takes on distinctive physical states depending on how you wield it. Leave it to its own devices and it’ll start to spread out like a liquid, slam it on the desk hard enough and it’ll shatter. So yes, basically magic.

The perfect remedy for stifled creativity, workplace boredom, stress, or perhaps you simply can’t keep your hands to yourself? In which case Thinking Putty is a great way to avoid immediate dismissal.




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