Chalkboard Equation Clock

February 11, 2015 - Gifts for Computer Science Students, Gifts for Maths Students, Gifts for Students
Chalkboard Equation Clock

Oh S!*t , it’s -8=2-x to 3(? – .14) and I’m going to be late for work. (i think)

If you think that telling the time on a conventional clock just insults your intelligence, then you need to get yourself an Equation Clock. Replacing the conventional, and dare we say it boring 1-12 we’re all so used to are a series of mathematical equations, the answers to which we are reliably informed match the corresponding numbers. Eight was easy to work out as the square root of 64, but we have to admit being just a tad challenged by a few of the others. The equations have been artfully written as if dashed off in chalk on a blackboard, just to keep the whole scientist meets mathematician in school room theme.



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