The ECG Made Easy

November 26, 2014 - Gifts for Medical Students
The ECG Made Easy

The definitive ECG book for medical students. If you’re stuck for a practical, useful gift for a medical student of age stage (this book covers perfect introduction topics for 1st & 2nd years, as well as practical expansive topics for 3rd, 4th and final year students), this book is a must have for any medical student.


For forty years The ECG Made Easy has been regarded as the best introductory guide to the ECG, with sales of over half a million copies as well as being translated into a dozen languages. Hailed by the British Medical Journal as a “medical classic”, it has been a favourite of generations of medical and health care staff who require clear, basic knowledge about the ECG. This famous book encourages the reader to accept that the ECG is easy to understand and that its use is just a natural extension of taking the patient’s history and performing a physical examination. It directs users of the electrocardiogram to straightforward and accurate identification of normal and abnormal ECG patterns.



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