My Scratch Map

December 11, 2011 - Educational, Home

Got a friend that can find any excuse to bring up that exotic escapade they went on? Reward them for their efforts on their round-the-world adventure or their “Mongol Rally” experience and get them this unique and clever map to show off their journeys. Then you can just pretend you read their blog and hope they never bring it up again.

The top layer of the map is made of gold foil for easy scratching; you only need to rub it with the edge of a coin, scratch-card style, to reveal the gorgeous detail underneath. This makes a super gift for anyone who’s clocked up a few air miles in their time and a great talking point for wherever it’s hung.

The only problem might be the excessive amounts of money you’ll have to spend on trotting around the globe so you can finally reveal that missing patch of Belize or Inner Mongolia that you so desperately want to see the detail of. Palin’s one would be amazing – now there’s a goal to work towards.



  • 83 x 59cm



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