You Have To F*cking Eat – Book

November 30, 2014 - Kids
You Have To F*cking Eat – Book

Parents of painfully stubborn children rejoice, the long-awaited sequel to ‘Go to f*ck to Sleep’ has finally arrived. You Have To F*cking Eat is here to ease your exasperations and offer some sweet relief from those table-top tantrums.

Fussy eating kids, there’s just no reasoning with them. It’s the age-old battle of wills, and by all accounts dinner time is just as mentally exhausting as bed time. They’ve said they’re hungry, so why won’t they eat? Why do they only want a plate of mashed potato? Oh, the contents of their lunchbox weren’t “cool” enough!? Mind-blowing.

Full of light-hearted and sweary rhymes, this illustrated hardback book is just the catharsis you need after a long day of cleaning indignant clumps of mashed banana off the walls and pretending that forks are aeroplanes.

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