December 12, 2011 - < £10, Gadgets

Keep your fingers toasty while you text.

Touchies are the latest version of touch screen glove, or appglove if you will, to emerge on the scene, and which enable you to keep your hands warm whilst still letting you use your touchscreen devices. Made from high quality cotton, the gloves have been interwoven with conductive thread so that you don’t have to take your gloves off to send texts, answer the phone or even play games on your iPhone, smartphone, iPad, you name it, and the cotton finish ensures your screen won’t be damaged or effected in any way. Brilliant.

They went down a storm in the office. The large size was good for all the guys with the exception of one six foot six South African who found them a little tight – but didn’t care as it meant he could still play Angry Birds in the cold English winter whilst waiting for the bus. The grey and red small/medium fit was perfect for the girls. Everyone refused to give them back once they’d tried them though, which was a bit annoying.



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