BoomBall Speaker

October 26, 2012 - Music
BoomBall Speaker
Speakers come in all different shapes and sizes. From the towering stacks that rock stars drunkenly dive off, to the tiny earpiece on your phone. But the basic technology isn’t really that complicated, and most of the time they’re just large containers to amplify the vibrations.

The Mighty BoomBall Speaker dispenses with the container altogether, meaning that it can be hung on a keyring or simply put in your pocket. Then, whenever you need to pump up the jams, you can just stick it to any nearby object and transform it into a speaker.

Mighty Boomball SpeakerTwist the bottom off…

Mighty Boomball Speaker stuck to a canStick to a can…

Mighty Boomball Speaker stuck to a boxor even a firebox… box

Utilising its audio-vibration-conduction-system, the BoomBall effectively uses any empty space as an amplifier, so the larger the space, the bigger the sound.

This speaker really does bring the noise, and it can be yours for a song.

Colours available:

Mighty Boomball Speaker colours availableL-R: Orange, Black, White, Green, Pink and Blue


Product Features:

  • Available in: Orange, Pink, Green, Blue, Black & White

Technical Specifications:

  • Max output – 2W
  • Frequency – 500Hz-20kHz
  • Universal 3.5mm input jack

Battery Requirements:

  • 2x AAA – not included


  • Boomball measures approximately 3.5cm(D) x 37mm(H)
  • Power booster measures approximately 1.5cm(W) x 1.5cm(D x 6.5mm(H)



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