White Stars Umbrella

December 12, 2011 - Self

Rain is grim enough already without adding a dull umbrella to compound the misery. These three cheery rain-beaters laugh in the face of glum weather. The original Twilight Umbrella is studded with a galaxy of tiny blue fibre optic lights, while the Colour Phasing Umbrella has fibre optics that phase (rather unsurprisingly) through five different colours. Unfortunately both of these show their stars on the outside, which is fine for passers by, but don’t you really want to be able to see the show yourself without having to stare into a puddle? Thankfully, the third Twilight Umbrella has arrived just in the nick of time. It has colour phasing stars that not only light up the outside of the umbrella, but light up the inside as well, letting you walk around in your own bubble of rainbow coloured calm while the heavens empty around you. Not only do they make you visible, but these funky light-up umbrellas stand out happily from all the dreary black ones out there. Perfect for brightening up your commute during the long winter months.




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