Wenger Swiss Army Giant Knife

December 10, 2011 - Survival

The American Army has its bunker-busters and fuel-air devices. The British Army has the Challenger 2 on the ground and the Typhoon for air cover. The Swiss Army has the Wenger Giant Swiss Army Knife, a weapon of Mass… umm… Mass… err… A Weapon of Mass. In all our years of lab testing the world’s most inventive devices, there’s little we haven’t seen, haven’t destroyed and haven’t taken home to try out on our little brothers. And then there came this titan. This behemoth. This ?500 piece of precision Swiss engineering that makes that posh watch of yours look like mere bagatelle. Permit us to explain. The Wenger Giant Swiss Army Knife – note the use of the word ‘Giant’ – has no fewer than 85 implements capable of performing over 100 separate functions, from scaling fish to fixing bicycles. All of which makes it impossibly useful. Want a laser flashlight? No problem. Torch? Can do. Universal Wrench? Yup. Golf divot repair tool? Si. Double-cut wood saw? Uh-huh. And so it goes. On and on and on and on. There’s almost no indoor our outdoor emergency which could not be tackled with this comprehensive if somewhat unwieldy device. But who cares? For even if all it does is sit ceremonially on your mantelpiece next to a bar of Toblerone and a signed photo of Swiss Toni as a tribute to all things Swiss, you will have achieved greatness, my son.

The largest Swiss Army Knife in the world. 85 gadgets with 109 features. Weighs 2lb 11oz.

• 10 mm detachable hexagonal wrench – Screwdriver – Spoke key (3.3 mm and 3.5 mm) openings – Extension lever
• All-purpose wrench (exclusivity)
• Bit holder
• Blade with blunt point
• Can opener
• Case opener
• Chain rivet setter
• Cigar cutter (patented)
• Club face cleaner (exclusivity)
• Combination tool : Screwdriver with safety lock system (exclusivity) – Can opener – Cap lifter
• Corkscrew
• Curved hexagonal key
• Detachable marker
• Fish scaler – Fish disgorger – Lineguide
• Flat Phillips screwdriver
• Flat pliers
• Flat screwdriver 3.5 mm with safety lock system (exclusivity)
• Flat screwdriver with safety lock system – Cap lifter – Wire bender
• Graduated tread depth gauge (mm/inch) uses detachable sliding bit holder
• Green repair tool
• Green repairer
• Integrated holder
• Integrated swivelling compass with sight line (exclusivity) – Ruler cm + inch (exclusivity)
• Junior round blade
• Large blade
• Laser pointer
• Magnifying glass – Precision screwdriver
• Medium screwdriver – Cap lifter – Wire bender
• Metal file – Metal cutting saw
• Nail clipper (exclusivity)
• Nail file – Nail cleaner – Screwdriver for small cross head screws
• Needle nose pliers / Wire-cutter / Nut wrench
• Phillips screwdriver
• Phillips screwdriver with safety lock system (exclusivity)
• Reamer
• Reamer – Eye
• Reamer – Needle – Cuticle pen
• Ring
• Safety lock system (patented)
• Semi-round-nose pliers – Wire-cutter – Nut wrench
• Serrated-edge scissors and lever (patented exclusivity)
• Shackle opener – Marlin spike – Ruler inch/cm – Needle
• Shoe spike wrench
• Slip-joint pliers (exclusivity) – Wire crimper – Inside and outside wire cutters – Nut wrench
• Small blade
• Small blade 65 mm
• Small screwdriver
• Snap hook
• Special blade
• Spot light
• Stroke counter with 12 graduations
• Toothpick
• Tweezers
• Wood saw



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