Bullshit Alert Button

February 12, 2015 - < £10, Gadgets, Gifts for Students, Toys
Bullshit Alert Button

Have friends who like to stretch the truth out a little? or just talk bollocks?

Reach out and slap the bullshit alert button and let them know you will stand for it no longer

There are 5 hilariously funny bullshit responses that include the appropriate sirens or beeps.

Bullshit Button larger image Bullshit Button larger image The bullshit responses as as follows:

Oh come on now, that ain’ t even bullshit, that’s horse shit.
(Siren) Warning, warning, bullshit alert.
(Beep) That was bullshit.
(Siren) Bullshit detected, take precautions.
(Siren) Bullshit level death con 5.




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