February 10, 2015 - < £10, Kids, Toys, Valentines Day, Wearable

Hands are boring. Getting more worn-out and wrinkly by the minute. And sadly no amount of tattoos, nail polish or hilarious double-jointedness is ever going to change that. But hold your horses, because enchanted equine salvation is a mere fingertip away – we present to you, the Handicorn.

Just slide your dreary digits inside the comfy hooves and head of this elegant creature and as if by magic, your humdrum hand is miraculously transformed into a living, breathing, fictional steed.

It’s pretty hard to convey the true emotional and physical benefits of the Handicorn (you really need to wear it yourself to experience them), but we’ll close with a brief list of day-to-day activities that we think you’ll enjoy a little more with this fantastical finger puppet in your life.



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