Magnetic Balls

December 10, 2011 - < £10, Educational, Toys

This brilliant puzzle is made up of 216 individual high precision, high-energy, rare-earth, neodymium sphere shaped magnets. These amazing magnetic spheres will allow you to create and recreate unlimited number of shapes and patterns.

Get your brain to work and start with simple objects such as Chain, Triangle, Hexagon, etc. When your experience increases challenge yourself to create even more difficult shapes, puzzles, sculptures, patterns and so on. Your imagination is the limit!

Neo-Balls has a fan base of millions of users and you can easily find and expand your ideas by looking for websites on your search engine or videos on Youtube. Creating a new object is a challenge, recreating an object is a challenge, even to recreate the Cube shape will initially be a challenge but will be child’s play to a veteran. Use different coloured Neo-Balls to create impressive, intricate and awesome 3D designs, sculptures and shapes. Neo-Balls are the ultimate desk toy, which provide hours of fun & endless possibilities.

The Neo-Ball has become a worldwide Phenomenon! They are made up of high power rare earth Neodymium Magnets manufactured in a perfect sphere shape. Each sphere is magnetised straight across its diameter so that it will attract another sphere. This means that using a group of spheres together you can form intricate patterns and mind blowing 3D designs. In their simplest form you can make single file chains which can be joined to make bracelets and necklaces that stay securely held together by the power of magnetism alone. The chain of beads can be split at any point and rejoined. To build more complicated designs a good starting point is to construct small triangles using nine spheres. You can then use these triangles as building blocks for your unique isometric designs. The spheres can also be used individually to hold papers on steel notice boards without rolling down the board. They are exciting, fascinating and will truly amaze everyone you show them to!



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